What our clients have to say

George and Gayle

“A significant issue for us is the fact that I am a wheelchair user. We needed designs that were wheelchair compatible and a thoughtful approach to how the renovation was to be completed that took into account my particular needs. Moving out and trying to live elsewhere was not possible and staying in the house posed difficulties.

At our first meeting you instilled confidence and built further confidence with each subsequent meeting with us. You were at ease with us staying in the house. You were committed and enthusiastic to what we had planned.

The way you worked with us resulted in positive improvements being introduced and the interaction with us built confidence and excitement. We really appreciated being treated with courtesy and respect even at times where we may have struggled to communicate our requirements. Your regular comment that there was nothing that can’t be done was reassuring.

Our biggest worry was surviving the demolition and rebuilding of much of the house while we remained in it. You organised a number of changes to the bedroom end which meant we could stay in the house and exist relatively comfortably while the work went on around us. Your assistance with moving furniture and personal effects was really helpful.

We are thrilled with the outcome. Our new home is exactly what we wanted and we are proud to show it off.

You and any of your staff are welcome back to our home whenever you might be passing by.”

Kambah, ACT. 

Mike and Patricia

“The process is finished and we can now emphatically assert that we have been fortunate in selecting you as our project manager. The building experience turned out to be a delight, and, rather than having you as an adversary, we now count you amongst our closest friends.”

Googong, NSW

Bea and Alan

“We are very grateful that Parry did our renovations for us. We are impressed with the quality of the workmanship, with the excellent solutions he found for the particular problems we had and for the courtesy extended to our neighbours while the work was being done.

We were also impressed by the support, concern and appreciation Parry showed towards people who work for him. Clearly he believes that good teamwork leads to good outcomes.

We would wholeheartedly recommend Pichelmann to anyone who needs a renovation done. We regard ourselves as fortunate to have had such an excellent experience.”

Barton, ACT


“My wife and I recently engaged Pichelmann to renovate our home in Campbell. Throughout the planning and building process, a period of approximately nine months, we have been delighted with the attention to detail and the quality of work, the prompt and continuing dialogue and the polite, courteous manner of everyone involved.”

Campbell, ACT